The Discourse and Cognitive Linguistics Society of Korea

Submission Regulations

(Last amended on October 17, 2015)

  1. 1. Submission eligibility
    Only members of the Discourse and Cognitive Linguistics Society may submit their manuscripts to the journal. Non-members are invited to join to make submissions. When there are three or more authors, the submission is eligible as long as the first author and the corresponding author are both members of the Society.
  2. 2. Scope of the journal
    The journal invites original and unpublished work dealing with theoretical, empirical and methodological analyses in various fields of linguistics, including, but need not be limited to, discourse analysis, cognitive linguistics, grammaticalization, conversation analysis, psycholinguistics and pragmatics.
  3. 3. Publication dates and deadlines
    Discourse and Cognition is published four times a year. Submissions should be received at least two months prior to the publication date.
    • Issue 1: Publication date, February 28 (Manuscript deadline, December 28)
    • Issue 2: Publication date, May 31 (Manuscript deadline, March 31)
    • Issue 3: Publication date, August 31 (Manuscript deadline, June 30)
    • Issue 4: Publication date, November 30 (Manuscript deadline September 30)
  4. 4. Submission and publication fee
    1. 1) Review fee: 60,000 won
    2. 2) Publication fee:
      1. a) Authors with research grants: 300,000 won (up to 20 pages; 10,000 won per additional page)
      2. b) Authors without research grants: 100,000 won (up to 20 pages; 10,000 won per additional page)
      3. c) No publication fee if the authors are all graduate students
    3. 3) Bank account: The review and publication fee should be transferred to the following account: Hana Bank 338-890123-70507 (Account holder: Hyun Sook Lee)
  5. 5. Manuscript submission
    1. 1) Manuscripts should be prepared in ‘Hangul’ (2005 or higher version) and submitted to the DISCOG jams website ( The format and style of manuscripts should follow the guidelines set forth by Discourse and Cognition.
    2. 2) Language of Publication: Manuscripts should be written in Korean or English.
    3. 3) Author Information: Authors should provide authors’ names, affiliations, mailing addresses (postal codes) and emails at the bottom left corner of the last page of the manuscript.